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By Country Code This page links to the countries and special services in order of telephone country code. The initial digit is considered to be a zone which usually relates to a general geographic region (e.g. zone 5 is South/Latin America). Zone 0 To be determined. *The Dialing Country Code is the prefix number you have to dial to connect your call to the specific country you want to call. ** The International Call Prefix (also called an international access code or an International Direct Dialing code - IDD) is a telephone dialing code used to dial out of a country when making an international call. In given phone numbers the IDD is often abbreviated by. In some countries, the exit prefix looks like 0xx, where x marks the international carrier selection code, comprising one or more digits. For domestic telephone calls within the country of your location, you need to dial the National Direct Dialling (NDD) prefix (if such exists), and only after that the city calling code and a local phone number.

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Country calling codes or country dial-in codes are telephone number prefixes for reaching telephone subscribers in the networks of the member countries or regions of the International Telecommunication Union ITU. The prefixes enable international direct dialing IDDand are also referred to as international subscriber dialing ISD codes.

Country codes are a component of the international telephone numbering planand are necessary only when dialing a telephone number to establish a call to another country. Country codes are dialed before the national telephone number. For example, the international call prefix in all countries belonging to the North American Numbering Plan iswhile it is 00 in most European, Asian and African countries. On GSM cellular 03 telephone country code, the prefix may automatically be inserted when the user prefixes a dialed number with the plus sign.

Country calling codes are prefix codes and can be organized as a tree. In each row of the table, the country codes given in the left-most column share the same first digit; then subsequent columns give the second digit in ascending order. While there is a general geographic grouping to the zones, some exceptions exist for political and historical reasons.

Thus, the geographical indicators below are approximations only. Originally, larger countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom and France, were assigned two-digit codes to compensate for their usually longer domestic numbers. Small countries, such as Iceland, were assigned three-digit codes.

In Antarcticadialing is dependent on the parent country of each base:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Telephone numbers in Europe. The country code for all NANP countries is 1; the numbers that follow are used in the same way as area codes are in the U.

From AugustKazakhstan changed all area codes to start with 7; however, 6 is also reserved for Kazakhstan. Digits 3, 4, 03 telephone country code 5 are reserved for Russia.

Other digits are reserved for Russia. Currently, there are no internationally accessible numbers starting with 0, 1, 2 or 5 — these 03 telephone country code access codes and similar arrangements.

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United States. Belgrano II. Bellingshausen Station. Bernardo O'Higgins Station. Captain Arturo Prat Base. Comandante Ferraz Brazilian Antarctic Base. Dumont d'Urville Station. Gabriel de Castilla Spanish Antarctic Station. Gonzalez Videla Station. Great Wall Station. Halley Research Station. United Kingdom. Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station. South Korea. Jinnah Antarctic Station. Juan Carlos I Base. Leningradskaya Station.

Machu Picchu Research Station. Macquarie Island Station. Czech Republic. Mizuho Station, 03 telephone country code. Molodyozhnaya Station. Neumayer Station. Novolazarevskaya Station, 03 telephone country code. Princess Elisabeth Base.

Professor Julio Escudero Base. Rothera Research Station. South Africa, 03 telephone country code. Signy Research Station. Kliment Ohridski Base. New Zealand, 03 telephone country code. Vernadsky Research Base.

Zhongshan Sun Yat-Sen Station. Kerguelen Archipelago. Pitcairn Islands. No connections to local switching; there are only satellite phones on the island, replacing 03 telephone country code single wired party line; a single pay phone also exists. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Country calling codes.


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03 telephone country code


International calls may be dialed directly from many local telephone exchanges. If international direct-dialing is available in your area, dial the International Access Code "," the Country Code, the City Code, and the local number. After dialing any international call, . By Country Code This page links to the countries and special services in order of telephone country code. The initial digit is considered to be a zone which usually relates to a general geographic region (e.g. zone 5 is South/Latin America). Zone 0 To be determined. The area code for the northeastern quadrant of the country is 03, or +33 3 in international format. The local number is a further 8 digits. Telephone country code +93 is Afghanistan, and area.