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descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l

Jul 24,  · Hello, what should i download to be able to connect my samsung galaxy y gt-s to my pc. Descargar Samsung Kies y Kies es una alternativa a Samsung PC Studio pero agrega algunas opciones como la de acceder a aplicaciones desarrolladas para Samsung y descargarlas; Tengo un Galaxy Mini GT-SL, puede sincronizar todo menos los contactos. He probado con Outlook y con Google pero no funciona. WhatsApp para Samsung Galaxy Y S se puede convertir en un equipo imprescindible para todos aquellos que quieren estar constantemente conectados con amigos y familiares. El Samsung Galaxy Y S aunque es un smarphone modesto cumple los requisitos para descargar e instalar WhatsApp para Samsung Galaxy Y S

SAMSUNG usb driver exe file with s odin | Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S

Page of Go. Page - Another bluetooth device is not located Page - Safety precautions Page Page Page Page Page - Reduce the risk of repetitive motion inj Table of Contents. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Samsung gt-s mobile phone user manual pages, descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l.

This user descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l has been specially designed to guide you through the functions and features of your device. Page 3: Instructional Icons Samsung and their respective owners. Extracting and using these materials for commercial or other purposes is an infringement of copyright laws. Samsung is not liable for such copyright infringement by the user. Please keep this manual for future reference.

Page 4 Samsung Electronics. Page 7 Internet Page 8 Tools Page 9 Voice input and output Pirated or illegal software may cause damage or malfunctions that are not covered by your manufacturer's warranty, descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l. Remove the back cover. Be careful descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l to damage your fingernails when you remove the back cover. Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. Unauthorised chargers or cables can cause batteries to explode or damage your device.

Page 14 When the battery is fully charged, first unplug the travel adapter from the device and then from the power outlet. Do not remove the battery before removing the travel adapter. Doing this may cause damage to the device. To save energy, unplug the travel adapter when not in use. Samsung uses approved industry standards for memory cards, but some brands may not be fully compatible with your device. Using an incompatible memory card may damage your device or the memory card and can corrupt data stored on the card.

Insert a memory card with the gold-coloured contacts descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l down. Push the memory card in the memory card slot until it locks in place. Replace the back cover. Format the memory card only on the device. Page Getting Started Getting started Turn your device on and off To turn on your device, press and hold [ ]. If you turn on your device for the first time, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your device. If your device has fatal errors or hang-ups, or freezes, you may need to reset the device to regain functionality.

Function Turn on the device press and hold ; Access the quick menus press and hold ; Learn basic actions to use the touch screen. You can activate or deactivate wireless connection features and access a list of notifications, such as messages, calls, events or processing status.

In the application list, press [ Tap and hold an application. Drag the application icon to the location you want. You can move an application icon to another screen. Page Customise Your Device Customise your device Get more from your device by customising it to match your preferences.

Set the time and date and change other options. Save or Set wallpaper. Select Samsung is not responsible for any use of default images or wallpapers provided on your device.

Enter a new password alphanumeric and select Continue. Page Enter Text Find my mobile feature will automatically send the contact number to specified recipients to help you locate and recover your device. To use this feature, you need a Samsung account for controlling the device from the web remotely. Tap and hold the text input field and select Input method keypad or Swype.

Start a new line. Access the keypad settings; Change the keypad type tap and hold, descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l. Insert a space. Page 36 You can also tap the keys to enter text. When you tap and hold a key until the character list appears, you can enter special characters and descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l. Place the cursor on the text you want to copy.

Select Select or. Drag or to select the text you want. Select to copy, or In another application, place the cursor where you want to Select Search for a file or application and download it. Uninstall Select Download files from the web Files you download from the web can include viruses that will damage your device.

Page Synchronise Data Manually This feature may be unavailable depending on your region or service provider. Add account Select Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account setup.

Page Communication Communication Calling Learn to use calling functions, such as making and answering calls, using options available during a call or customising and using call-related features. To end the call, select Reject a call When a call comes in, drag caller will hear a busy tone. The device asks whether to end or hold the first call. You must subscribe to the call waiting service to use this feature.

Page View Call Descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l Set call descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l Call waiting is a network feature to alert you of an incoming call while you are on a previous call. You may incur additional charges for sending or receiving messages while outside your home service area. For details, contact your service provider. When you enter an email address, descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l, the device will convert the message as a multimedia message.

To access your voice mail inbox and listen to voice mail messages, In Idle mode, open the application list and select Keypad and then tap and hold 1. Page View Email Messages Enter a name or address in the recipient field. Enter a subject and message. To attach an image file, press [ Select to send the message. Select an email message. Page Email Add a label to a message From the Inbox screen, tap and hold a message. Change labels. Select Select a label to add and select Filter messages From the Inbox screen, press [ Select the label of the messages you want to view.

Email Learn to send or view email messages via your personal or company email account. Press [ Contacts. Select You can enter an email address manually or select one from the logs or contact groups by selecting another option. Page Talk Refresh to update the message list. The chat screen opens.

Enter your message and select To insert emoticons, press [ To switch between active chats, press [ chats. Page Entertainment Entertainment Camera Learn how to capture and view photos and videos. You can take photos at resolutions up to x pixels 2 megapixels and videos at resolutions up to x pixels. To use this feature, you must first insert a memory card.

Page 54 Number Function Check the camera status and settings. Change the scene mode. Adjust the brightness. Change the camera settings. Switch to the camcorder. Capture a photo. View the photo you captured last. Press the Volume key to zoom in or out. Page 55 After taking photos, select To view more photos, scroll left or right. To zoom out, move your fingers closer together.

You can also double-tap the screen. In Idle mode, open the application list and select to turn on the camera. Rotate the device anti-clockwise to landscape view.

Select to switch to the camcorder.




descargar driver para samsung galaxy y gt-s5360l


Oct 31,  · xda-developers Legacy & Low Activity Devices Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S Galaxy Y GT-S and Duos Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting SAMSUNG usb driver exe file with s odin by LetJect. FORUMS. Galaxy Y GT-S and Duos Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting In the post i m giving you only samsung usb driver application. samsung usb driver. En este proceso usara una flash que nunca me ha fallado para el S, llamada GalaxyS_DDLA1__by_bistury, usaremos el Odin y el PIT totoro_pit Los archivo los acomodaremos de esta manera. Pregunta - Tengo un Galaxy Y GT-SL, cual software debo bajar para - OE. Encuentre la respuesta a ésta y otras preguntas de Informática en JustAnswer.